The Environment

Big skies, clean water, clean air, high desert plateaus, wide-open spaces and the wildlife that are in them, make New Mexico the Land of Enchantment.

  • I will work to keep these treasures safe for future generations as well as for us to enjoy now.
  • I will support the creation of outdoor recreation and parks.
  • I will ensure our environmental clean-up fund is fully funded and that corporations are required to adequately bond any environmental impact risk.
  • I will support standardized land use planning policies that require both modern technology planning like broadband placement and long-term environmental impact studies such as on our aquifers or rivers.
  • I will work with our legislative study committees on ensuring all state agencies and legislative studies acknowledge and account for climate disruption in their strategic plans.

Improving New Mexico’s Education

As a former educator, I know first-hand the importance of education. New Mexico’s young people deserve an education that will prepare them to participate in our democracy, whether they choose college or another path, and prepare them to support themselves and their family.

  • I support expanding after-school programs, trade-school opportunities, experiential internships and learning opportunities at all ages.
  • I support increased civics classes for all public-school students. We must teach our children how to actively participate in our democracy so their voices can be heard.

Growing a Sustainable Economy

We must have a sustainable economy that brings stable, long-term growth. 

  • I support a public bank here in New Mexico. North Dakota has had a public bank for 98 years. The Associated Press reports that in 2017 the Bank of North Dakota recorded its 14th consecutive year of record profits, with $145 million in net earnings. New Mexico could use these funds to fuel sound and sustainable economic development and keep taxpayer dollars in the state.
  • I support legislation to help small businesses with resources and assistance to keep their businesses thriving. And I will work with the City of Albuquerque to wisely spend the millions of dollars that the legislature provides to the city for this purpose. Small businesses are an economic engine of Albuquerque, and their success will increase job opportunities.  
  • I support increased incentives for small businesses developed though our national labs that will create highly-skilled jobs for New Mexicans.
  • I support conservation and wise use of natural resources and increased development of renewable energy sources, such as solar and wind, that can bring in new well-paid trade jobs into the state.

Public Safety

New Mexicans deserve safety and security. Public safety is the cornerstone of my campaign. 

  • I support increasing police officers on patrol by increasing their numbers, retaining good officers with higher pay and benefits, and an increased focus on community policing. I support using state money for increased support staff such as evidence technicians for the rape kit backlog and better technology for data-driven crime prediction and prevention.
  • We need to simultaneously address the 3 pillars of public safety: prevention, enforcement, and treatment
    • Support law enforcement by providing the training and resources they need to fully deploy a community policing model
    • Increase intervention programs that provide rehabilitation services and diversion court programs to low-level offenders in the criminal justice system, leaving the police and law enforcement to focus on violent and/or dangerous criminals
    • Develop big-picture reform legislation to help prevent crime that includes early childhood education, funding for data-driven NM Children Youth and Families Department intervention models, juvenile justice reform, drop-out risk assessment, and re-engagement and increased rehabilitation networks which will ultimately reduce the number of people entering the system.
    • Finally, use technology and deterrence techniques such as funding for improved stolen goods databases.
  • Work with the Governor’s new initiative, the Crime Analysis and Policy Partnership, to find science-based solutions to our public safety challenges.
    • West Palm Beach, FL has had success in reducing police use of deadly force by pairing mental health workers with police officers. The Bernalillo County Sheriff has a pilot program with psychiatric professionals responding to targeted emergencies we should support and expand.
    • We should expand community-supported blight abatement with state dollars that can award municipalities with micro-grants for cleanup or pop-up parks for vacant lots, and facade cleanup and structural remediation for landowners and business owners who have identified blight.

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